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How does the title of your book relate to the story?

The title of my book is “into the wild" this relates to the story because they are some of the last words written in a note from the protagonist, it reads:” This is the last you shall hear from me Wayne. Arrived here 2 days ago. It was very difficult to catch rides in the Yukon territory. But I finally got here. Please return all mail I receive to the sender. It might be a very long time before I return south. If this adventure proves fatal and you don’t ever hear from me again, I want you to know you’re a great man. I now walk into the wild."

What happens and why?

Chris Mccandless was a 22-year-old when he left his parents’ house because of family problems. He wanted to live freely and have a simple life, he travelled a lot by taking lifts from strangers who he befriended, he eventually stopped in a city to work and earn money but he never stayed for too long. His goal was to go to Alaska and live in the Alaskan bush, isolated from other people. When he eventually gets there, he is greeted by his demise.

Where and when do the events in the story take place?

The story takes place in different places approximately in west America, some examples are Annandale, Fairbanks, Carthage, Bullhead City, Salton City. Because the protagonist Chris Mccandless was a vagabond the things don’t happen in the same place, he travelled a lot. The last chapters talk about the last days of Chris Mccandless life which take place in Alaska, mostly in the Alaskan bush.

From what point is the story being seen/told?

into the wild has different point of views, the main part of the story is told by an omniscient narrator, but there are also parts of the diary of the main character where the first person tells what happens, a kind of report of events of what the main character experiences. There are also small interviews with the family of Chris and the persons he met on his journey.

How does the actor deal with the aspect of time?

The story is told in a nonlinear way, it starts with the ending and then explains how everything all unfolds and how everything happens happened.

What does the story say about life?

The story tells the life of an inspirational adventurer who left everything behind to follow his dream, he left his comfortable life to get away from his abusive parents. He unfortunately passed away on his last adventure in Alaska.

Whos is/are at the centre of the story?

At the centre of the story is Chris Mccandless, a 22-year-old who left his family to live in the wild, he is the only main character of the story, there are some interviews of persons who knew Mccandless but they are not the focus of the book. Some of the people who got interviewed were his family, his school friends, Jean Burres, Franz and Wayne.

How does the writer creater suspense?

The writer creates suspense by firstly telling the end of the story and then letting you guess how it all happens, the story slowly unfolds with interviews of people who knew Chris. Then puts everything together and you start to understand the reasons why Chris left his family, with this you slowly get to know Chris and understand his ideas and ways of thinking.

Why does the author end the story this way?

The author ends the story with a closed ending with the parents of Chris visiting the bus where their son died, he ends the story this way because the whole book is told in a documentary kind of way because it is based on a true story.

What is the attitude of the author?

I think that the mood of the book is dark and adventurous. The author talks about McCandless’s motivations and dysfunctional behaviour. While Chris McCandless is hitchhiking around the West, he is having fun and taking risks. Towards his journey in Alaska, the mood changes into being lonely and depressing.

Personal meaning

I liked reading this book, it surprised me because I thought that is was a mindless story of someone living in the wild, but after reading the first paragraph I realized it was going to be a serious book about a young boy who lost his life by trying to live his dream. I thought it was funny when I read that the protagonist also was called Chris, like me, I already saw myself in him a bit but when I read that he also was called Chris I connected with him more. I feel bad for him because he seemed such a cool dude and if he had survived his last journey, he could have told so many stories about his travels through west-America. What I have learned from Chris mistakes is to follow your dreams but to not be totally reckless to reach the end goal, and I learned that there are still some nice people in the world who would help others.


I would recommend this book to people who spend a lot of their time in nature, it humbles you and lets you think before doing something a bit risky. This is also a good book for people who love true stories and like books which are similar to documentaries. There is not really a group of people I wouldn’t recommend this book to, it is a well written book with lots of effort put into it because of the many interviews, and it tells a true and somewhat emotional story of a boy who dreamt too much.


“Nothing is so painful to the
human mind as a great
and sudden change.”


What happens and why?

So how i explained in question one, Victor is obsessed with the point of life and to revive things. So he tried to revive a body and he succeeded, but he soon found out that is was a mistake. The monster fled and Victor did not knew where he was going. A couple days later he got a message that his brother was killed and victor knew it was the monster. Further on the book Victor met the monster, he explained that he was trying to understand the human beings and he wanted a monster girl. The monster promised that when he got the girl he would leave the city, but otherwise he would kill everyone Vicor loved.

How does the title of your book relate to the story?

The title of the book is Frankenstein. It is the name of Victor Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein is a person who is obsessed with physics. When his mom died he went to Ingolstad ,that is a place in Germany, where is is going to study. He finds out that he likes to find out what the point of life is and after a couple of weeks he tries to revive lifeless bodies. But when he did that he found out it was a mistake...

Point of view:
From what point is the story being seen/told?

The story is told from the first-person. In the beginning of the story it is told from the first-person of Walton, the person who was on expedition. You can see this, becouse he was writing letters to his sister where he talk about what he experienced during his expedition. When Victor began to tell his story it was told from the first-person of Victor Frankenstein. Here is a qoute where you can see that it is written in the first-person: "When I had attained the age of seventeen, my parents resolved that I should become a student at the university of Ingolstadt". You can see he talks with I, so it is first-person. The monster talks also in first-person when he told his story.

Where and when do the events in the story take place?

The story takes place at different places. The story begins at a boat who is on a expedition to the North Pole, here was Victor Frankenstein found. Victor’s story began at Geneva, Swiss. He lived there with his family and later on he went to Ingolstadt, Germany where he was studying. The monster lived in the village Ingolstadt for a while. But when the monster threatened Victor, Victor fled to Ireland. After a while he came back to Swiss and unfortunately he and his family got killed. There is not realy a year when the story took place, but the story is one big flashback, becouse Victor tells his life story on the boat.

How does the actor deal with the aspect of time?

All characters are telling their stories in chronological order. They are telling their stories and how to got where they are now. Sometimes the characters have a flashback, so that they can explain better how they got where they are now. You can see in the beginning of the book that Robert Walton had written letters to his sister. The letters are flashbacks so that whan they get in the current time the person who read this book can understand the book better.

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What does the story say about life?

Frankenstein is a very exciting book, but it has also a message. I think the message is that you have to be careful with new technology, becouse when you do not very bad things can happen. You can see that here, The monster was a cool new invention, but the monster did a lot of damage to him and other people, it could end a lot worse. So in this world we are creating robots. I can see a match between these 2 things. When we are not careful and make robots too smart they can do a lot of damage too.

Whos is/are at the centre of the story?

The main character of the story is Victor Frankenstein. Most of the time he is talking about his life and his mistake. There are other persons who complement the story like:
Robert Walton, he was on expedition and found Victor.
Henry Clerval, he was Vicor’s best friend, but got also killed by the monster.
William Frankenstein, is the brother of Victor and the first victim of the monster.
Eliabeth, she is the niece of Victor.
Justine, she took care of William, but is prosecuted by the murder of William.
Delacey, he was blind and The monster learned a lot of humen things becouse of him.
Felix and Agantha, they are the children of Delacey, but they scared the monster away.

how does the writer creater suspense?

Frankenstein is a very frightening book what brings a lot of suspense with it. You feel the suspense, becouse you don’t know what the monster is capable of, maybe he is going to ruin the world, maybe he is going to kill everyone, we don’t know. A short time after the monster escaped he killed the first person what make you think: what is he going to do next. Then he killed another person and eventually the monster met Victor, but you don’t know what he is going to do... The writer used a lot of details so you have to read longer with the tension from what can happens next.

Why does the author end the story this way?

The end of the story is that the monster killed Victor and his whole family as a revenge that Victor did not want to make a second monster. But the monster regret that he did all the murder. And now when Vicor is dead the monster thinks it is a good idea to die too, so he walks away and nobody heard of him anymore. I think the author end this way, becouse the author did not want a open end and with this end it is not. But the author wanted to let people see revenge is not always the best way to solve problems. When you fight something it is not going to be better. It is better to look for other solutions.

What is the attitude of the author?

The attitude of the author is very horror like. The author tries to frighten you and create much suspense. She took a good topic, becouse monsters can be very frightening. And beside all that she tries to bring a story what is very usefull. the story that she tries to bring is explained in question 6. I think the author has a good unique attitude.

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Personal meaning

I think it is a very cool book, it is very frightening too. The book had a great and unique story what could bring a lot of suspense with it. There were enough characters so that the book kept organized. Other books have too many charcters and that is sometimes very confusing. The beginning is also e bit different than other books I read, becouse the book started with many letters to get into the story, I like the idea of that. The story was very good with a good message. I have learned things about that things can be too strong what is very usefull. I also like the way of writing. The book had a lot of details what kept the suspense in it. I was very amazed of the end. I did not expect the monster to regret his actions and that he thought it was a good idea to die to. But becouse of that the ending was also a bit sad. Everyone was dead and he regretted it too. I think it is a good book!


I would recommend it for sure to anyone who likes reading. But The book is not that big, so if you do not like reading you can read it too. It is a simple book to read with enough suspense. The book has a story that is good to follow, so if you are not good at reading it is a good book for you! If you like thrillers this is also a good book for you! With a lot of suspense and horror is this a recommended for sure! So if i have to summarize this, it is a good book for everyone!

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